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Providing and Enhancing Strategic Governance and Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations

Here is a partial list of organizations that have experienced measurable bottom-line improvements after working with our consulting firm.

GOVERNMENT (Specifies Area of Work) 

  • NJ Dept. of Health & Senior Services -- Office of Nutrition & Fitness (Strategic Planning, Community Collaboration)
  • NJ Division on Women (Planning & Program Evaluation)
    • Center for Non-Profits (Strategic Planning & Customized Training/Consultation)
    • Mercer Street Friends (Strategic Planning)
    • NCADD Middlesex County (Governance & Strategic Planning, Team Building)
    • NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault (Interim Executive & Transition Planning)
    • Partnership for Children of Essex (Governance and Strategic Planning)
    • Princeton YWCA & YMCA (Strategic Planning/Governance)
    • Project 55 (Strategic Planning)
    • Support Center for Nonprofit Management of NY/NJ (Customized Training & Interim Services)

    Here's what our clients are saying...


    "Regina Podhorin has provided workshop presentations for the Support Center for Nonprofit Management for the past 6 years.  She is rated among the top ten presenters, out of more than 80 presenters, by the nonprofit leaders and executives that attend our workshops.  Regina has the keen ability to understand the needs of her audience, and is able to tailor her presentations, in the moment, to meet those needs.  Regina demonstrates in depth knowledge, skill and experience in all areas of nonprofit organizational development from the very large to very small organizations.  Regina plays an instrumental role in the success of the Support Center's capacity building efforts in the nonprofit sector in both New Jersey and New York."
    -- Calvin B. Thomas, Jr.
       New Jersey Training Coordinator
       Support Center for Nonprofit Management


    "Regina consulted with Princeton Project 55 to help us to develop a 3-year strategic plan.  She informed and empowered a large, multi-generational Board that included both founders and brand new volunteers.  Regina is perceptive, open, communicative, and incredibly insightful.  She always comes prepared and takes great pride in her work.  She is able to collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data, and then accurately translate it into goals and action steps.  She quickly and effectively helped us to identify our goals and the strategies we would use to achieve them.  Besides her impressive skills as a facilitator and consultant, Regina is also a complete joy to work with."
    --Kathleen E. Reilly
      Executive Director
      Princeton Project 55


    "At the Department of Health and Senior Services we have greatly benefitted from the expertise of Regina Podhorin and The Leadership Group on two separate CDC initiatives over the past few years, one in the area of sexual violence and the other on obesity prevention.  Her excellent mastery of process  -- of what is needed and how to best accomplish the work -- has provided invaluable guidance and coaching, and resulted in very successful projects.  Additionally, her tremendous meeting facilitation skills have allowed us to enjoy a high level of credibility with stakeholders."
    --Peri L. Nearon, MPA
      Director, Office of Nutrition & Fitness
      Division of Family Health Services
      New Jersey

    "I am often asked to recommend consultants for non-profits seeking help with strategic planning and organizational development, and Regina is always at the top of my list.  She knows non-profits, and she understands first-hand the issues they face.  But equally important, she doesn't shy away from the tough questions; she knows how to get organizations to grapple with the hard issues head-on, and she does it compassionately and effectively.  She has helped the Center for Non-Profits through more than one planning process, and we have emerged a stronger organization each time."
    --Linda M. Czipo
      Executive Director
      Center for Non-Profits