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Providing and Enhancing Strategic Governance and Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations



"It is our opinion that the nonprofit field is changing dramatically. The nonprofit of today must be ready to adapt in significant ways to this changing environment or risk becoming irrelevant. The opportunity is NOW to influence the future of the sector. And it is our obligation to be at the forefront of this emerging landscape, ensuring that our client organizations are prepared for future success."

-Regina Podhorin, President
 The Leadership Group

What results can my organization expect to see as a result of working with The Leadership Group?

Our state-of-the-art consulting and training services improve the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations in many ways.
Examples of our results-oriented approach include:

    • Improved board effectiveness and cohesion
    • Increased efficiency in operations
    • Established goals and objectives that are attainable and contribute to the organization's strategic progress
    • Enhanced responsiveness in the midst of today's changing environment
    • Addressed difficult issues that resulted in decisions the entire board and leadership team support
    • Reduced silos (staff working individually, in a vacuum) and increased integration of efforts and resources for improved outcomes.

Why should I select The Leadership Group for my organization?

Quite frankly, we improve the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by providing customized, state-of-the-art consulting and training services.  Our results-oriented approach will bring your organization to its next level of sustainability and success, positioning it to successfully address current challenges and to maximize opportunities.

We are different from our competitors.  Our work across service sectors provides us with a global view of best practices in nonprofit management and governance.  We know what works.  And we know where potential pitfalls and problems can arise.

We also know that as leaders in the field, it is our obligation to be at the forefront.  We invest in continual training, education, and networking at a level that is unparalleled.  We have earned our reputation as thought leaders and experts by hard work, exceeding client expectations, delivering client results, and maintaining a steadfast dedication to furthering the nonprofit field.

Contact Regina to learn more and get information specific to your needs.